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Blandford, Massachusetts

Autumn woods

2000 Population: 1,214

Area: 51.7 sq mi

Population Density: 23.5 / sq mi

Bordered by: Granville, Russell, Huntington, Chester, Becket, Otis, Tolland

Accessible by: Route 23

Attractions: Blandford Ski Area, Executive Paintball, Blandford Country Club, Blandford State Forest, Chester-Blandford State Forest, Tolland State Forest

Scots-Irish settlers came to the Hidden Hills in the early 1730s, bringing with them their experience of cultivating difficult, rocky soil from the Scottish Highlands. Today, even a short stroll through the outreaching woods from the town will pass the refuge of farms abandoned, such as stone walls and cellar holes, for the promise of better land in New York or further west.

People come from all over to the Blandford Fairgrounds on Labor Day Weekend, which hosts the Blandford Fair, an event full of games and classic New England sparkle for the entire family.

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