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September 21, 2017

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Emily Cavin
Silver Spiral Designs

Emily Cavin - from Plainfield - Silver Spiral Designs single pair of purple earrings.

108 Summit Street
Plainfield, MA 10070

A Member of the Hilltown Artisan's Guild

I began studying jewelry making and design before I turned thirteen years old. Silver Spiral Designs is the realization of my desire to share my work as an artisan. Silver Spiral Designs Jewelry is hand fabricated using silversmithing techniques to form, forge, and join the metal into the finished designs. Unlike jewelry that is reproduced or originally formed as clay, my work allows me to directly create each piece in metal and lets me as an artist relate as closely as possible to the unique attributes of Sterling Silver.

Emily Cavin - from Plainfield - Silver Spiral Designs - Beautiful elegant jerwely

My designs highlight and are shaped by the wonderfully diverse qualities of this medium. The strength and flexibility, the ability to both flow and be a container, the depth and brightness of Silver all combine in these forms to adorn and celebrate the wearer. Semi-Precious Stones may be added, lending color and texture to the finished pieces.

Emily Cavin - from Plainfield - Silver Spiral Designs creating uniquely designed, hand crafted, sterling silver jewelry


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