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September 21, 2017

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Joan Boryta

Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled Graves Brothers Homestead

Glowing, Pristine Watercolors. Transparent, yet Bold.

527 West Main St.
Plainfield, MA 01070


A Member of the Hilltown Artisan's Guild

It is a blessing for me to be able to capture with my brush and paints the emotion, the atmosphere, the colors, even the scent that was present when I experienced a scene I wanted to paint. A painter must be able to convey his emotion through his painting techniques for the viewer to get caught up into and share his feelings. If that emotion is not felt in the work, then the work becomes dead work! When you stand before my pieces, you can enjoy all the emotion I felt as I painted. That feeling is what makes the picture speak to you; you then have made a connection with me.

Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled Morning Glow

During the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to create southwestern Ireland art, which has a sense of space and unparalleled greens amidst the foreboding skies. My New England watercolors depict a somber mood very different from the tropical art I create while sharing my time living in a Caribbean island. Teaching group lessons in watercolor art is the gift I give back for what I have learned. For the past 15 years I have organized and hosted Jack Flynn watercolor workshops throughout New England.

Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled 4 Chimneys Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled Sidewalk Garden

Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled Church Yard

Painting by Joan Boryta from Plainfield titled Hallowed Ground

For more information please visit:

www.Joanboryta.com, www.PristineWatercolors.com & www.EditionArtPrints.com

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