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September 21, 2017

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Wynne Llewellyn

Wynne Llewellyns from Cummington, exploration of techniques

Cummington, MA 01026

A Member of the Hilltown Artisan's Guild

Wynne Llewellyn from Cummington, works on paper in various media

I am interested in the struggle to make our way to a new place – I think of the hazardous and difficult passage at each end of life, for example. In our journey through life, we encounter many more transitions, sought and unsought, joyful or somber. The place of transition is often dark and mysterious, at once alluring and frightening. What is the interior force, which impels us onward to a new reality, to new knowledge?

Painting by - Wynne Llewellyn - from Cummington - Titled Woods Entrance Wynne Llewellyn from Cummington - oil painting
Painting by - Wynne Llewellyn from Cummington - Titled Gate of Life, oils on paper Wynne Llewellyn from Cummington, mysterious dark paintings

Wynne Llewellyn


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